Article: Chris Jones

The Small Business Library

July 20, 2000

"What is the Ideal Business for the Average Person?"

I've been in business for myself and online for 8 years. My company is involved in international marketing, research and development. I have associates in nearly 20 countries and most U.S. states.

I'm not here to steal your dreams, I'm here to tell you what I've learned, so other people won't try to steal your dreams. I’m going to answer the question,


It seems that I've seen nearly EVERY business opportunity there is out there (or some derivation thereof). I've researched HUNDREDS of them. I've seen literally THOUSANDS of hopeful would-be home business owners (especially online) waste away thousands of dollars and hours trying to find something easy to do online that they can make loads of money at.

Over and over, I’ve seen people who "want to make money with my computer". The truth? without SIGNIFICANT and ongoing investment and hard focused work and some RISK, you CERTAINLY WILL NOT make honest income with your computer, so you can FORGET IT NOW and ignore the hype.

I've known people that seem to expect to make a few posts or put out a few ads and watch the money roll in, because of all the hype and scams. I've seen families come apart, people go broke, and health take a turn for the worse. But you probably won't read about that.

Well, I'm here to help you and to tell you the plain truth, but it may not be what some of you want to hear: The truth is, if you want to go into business for yourself, but you

  1. have no money to invest, and
  2. don't have enough room or necessary materials, and you
  3. don't plan to leave your comfort zone *many* times and
  4. put yourself out there and work hard,
you might as well keep working for someone else and save yourself the grief!

In fact, if you ignore what I'm saying, and decide to learn the hard way, remember me and send me an email once you've learned the truth. :-)
Some of you will be shocked (some won't) but ......

What is the Best Business for the Average Person?

There ISN’T ONE!
Average people don’t become successful entrepreneurs!
Home business owners decide they DON’T want to be average. They go above and beyond the daily grind by making that BIG decision, that BIG move…and by remaining consistent on a DAILY basis, towards their goals – goals they have been brave enough to make and are brave enough to pursue as if they will become reality. They become the best boss they’ve ever had, and they work harder for that boss than anyone else they’ve ever worked for.

They become students of PERSONAL IMPROVEMENT, which leads directly towards success in life.

There are NO legal way to make a lot of money quickly, and NO business works without investment. And it's true, ALL businesses take hard work. Some of us are ok with that because it's fun or a hobby for us, some of us accept that because we want to run our own ship, some of us are doing it because we'll have security in residual income and possibly be able to retire early and/or achieve financial freedom, which IS possible!

Some of us do it for all three reasons; that happens to be my case.

And it's true, in many cases, (I didn't believe this at first) a small business loan is a must unless you have at *least* $10,000-$35,000 saved up. We're talking extra phone lines, equipment, postage, long distance calls, product/service development, materials, inventory, subscriptions and MARKETING (not to mention possible extra hired help, storage/office rental, insurance, additional education, automobiles, etc. ).

Even in network marketing or part-time sales of products, you MUST have a monthly budget available for business if you want to make any income, and especially to make a profit. Hey, people are resourceful. There are lots of people that didn’t have a place of their own and no stable job that turned their lives in the completely opposite direction.

How patient can you be? Most businesses are in the red in the first year. Sometimes profit isn't seen for the first three years. 75% of businesses are *out* of business in the first 3-5 years, often way before that. You probably will not see much income in the first 3-6 months. That's why the effort and investment have to be worth it to you. The risk is real.

You have to establish "office hours" – setting the time each week you are "at work" and stick to it, and being very clear about this with those in your household.

The effort you are willing to put out can make or break your business. Sometimes, it breaks people. Having your own business can be exhausting, discouraging, alienating, humiliating, confusing, and at times may seem like a lot of spinning wheels. Others won't understand what you are doing and may begin to think the worst of you. Some entrepreneurs even start thinking that way about themselves because of procrastination or a lack of understanding what needs to be done. Families spend less time together and spare time seems scarce.

Does any of this sound familiar?

I've heard all of the above. Now, those of you that haven't been scared off, stay with me, there's *good news* if you are serious about your business.

You probably will be told the opposite but generally, entrepreneurs are required to put more work into their business than the others jobs they've had. So, chances are, if other entrepreneurs try to sell you on a business that's "easy" or "simple", they're either lying or you'll enjoy the work enough to gladly put forth the required amount of effort.

***But if Success came so easily, wouldn't that take away the meaning of the word?

Simply put: MONEY, TIME and EFFORT must be used wisely and implemented regularly.

Looking for that CHEAP, QUICK, EASY way to riches will rip you off quicker than you can check your email. NO ONE can promise how much money you'll make. There is NO easy way.

Just save yourself the loss and IGNORE anything that says otherwise, including all of those business opportunities and packages that make promises that aren't possible.

There are legitimate business programs, even if you don't have much money to start with.

Establishing good connections with people is important. I'd rather work with someone I know of than someone that just came out of nowhere and promises me a great future. People helping each other is the best way to do business. Others can help you learn and keep motivated.

Do your research, owning a business is not for everyone. Believe me, checking out the situation is much more productive than fantasizing about how much money can be made with a random idea you've come across.

Goals may seem like a boring word, but that's how people get where they want to be, by establishing and pursuing their goals. Always keep these close to you, be very aware of these; whether you want to make a few extra hundred dollars a month or to establish Financial Freedom.

With the latter, you’ll ultimately find, to your great pleasure, that your efforts and investments were WELL worth it, surprise you’ve become a better person than you were before, and you’ll have more money, more choices and more of the things you want and places you want to be in life. You deserve to be happy, everyone does.

Owning a growing business is satisfying, and definitely gives one more control over their future and can greatly improve one’s quality of life. I found the right business program for me, after much research of course. Hey, I decided I was worth it, and so are my loved ones. Let's face it, between having to choose between depending on retirement funds or setting your own income, the latter is the sweeter.

If you are serious and willing, it *can* be done!