Article: Lee Benson

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May 19, 2000

Why Some People Will NEVER Succeed, No Matter How Hard They Try.... And How YOU Can Avoid The Same Mistakes!

After being an online marketer for over four years, the truth FINALLY hit me. I'd absorbed so much hype, so many worthless marketing strategies and worst of all, I'd seen and heard WAY too many failures to count, that the powerful thought of realization conjured in my mind.

I had what alcoholics would refer to as a "moment of clarity". And at the risk of sound enthralling, my "Internet Business Enlightenment" hit me like a brick.

What had happened?

My business buddies had come and gone in their bucket loads. My trusted friends who once spoke with raving ambition in their voices had died from the scene and left me with nothing more than the memories of the hopes and ambitions that had once powered their aura.

Metaphorically, the Internet appeared in my mind like a ghost town. The houses, that once provided shelter for the world's most motivated ambitions, had now been boarded up and a "For Sale" sign hangs outside.

In literal terms, I'd seen my "best net friends" drop from my ICQ contact list like flies. I was suddenly noticing returned mail errors when I tried to contact my business mates by email, and the worst feelings came when I received notifications of their intent to quit.

WHAT WAS GOING ON?  Why Did I Feel So Strongly?

To put it bluntly, the ambitions that once were, died. My most regular contacts online had quit this Internet marketing 'lark'. Quite simply, they realized the hype.
They were sick and tired of spending endless amounts of cash on worthless marketing techniques, wasting hours of their life on pointless promotional junk, and getting ripped off by the "get rich quick" nature of the 'net.

They had given Internet marketing "the finger", and in return it had given them a bad taste that would plague their mouth every time the phrase "make money online" was mentioned. The worst thing is, tens of thousands of folks that I don't even know go through the same thing EVERY year.

* And honestly, is it at all surprising? *

Every search I do for "internet marketing" churns up 100s of worthless websites, plagued with affiliate links, bad site design and promises of millions. The limitations of off-line business has been removed, and so has given way to a world of hype, scams, lies and false hope and promises.

No wonder thousands of businesses are actually LOSING money online. It's like a mine field. Thousands walk through the field, thousands get blown up and disappear, and only a few people actually make it safely to the end.

You want to know WHY I'm still here after this time, owning a successful business that I run from the home office? Want to know WHY I haven't joined the rat-race that I see clog up the roads at 9am and 5pm every day? Want to know WHY I don't quit, throw in the towel and say goodbye so all of this HYPE?

The Answers:

  1. I don't listen to any of it! Although I'm NEVER skeptical of life's possibilities, I am realistic. Sure, you CAN become a raving success online. But why take advice from the self-proclaimed guru's that haven't achieved it?

  2. I keep a VERY open mind to my own possibilities and have confidence in my own judgements. I know that by thinking in a successful and positive frame of mind, I can achieve it.

  3. I DRIVE myself with a burning desire of true success, and will absolutely stick to that at all costs. My tenacity (persistence) grows every day, I stay focused at ALL times.

  4. I work like heck and learn everything I can. Over the past few years I've learned more than my entire school education taught me in terms of real-world practicalities and skills.

  5. No matter what life throws at me, no matter how much the circumstances can hurt, I stand up and say "I'm not affected". I NEVER give up. I NEVER quit. I keep striving for success.

So What Will You Become?

I'm going to tell you something now that I wish I'd been told a long time ago. Internet success doesn't come from a few search engine submissions, worthless FFA postings and a site plagued with affiliate links. It comes from UNIQUE ideas, with UNIQUE creations, fueled by an over-powering ambition to SUCCEED.

You have two choices. Join the FEW who discover that the Internet (like so many things in life) takes hard work, smart thinking and a positive attitude for success... Or join the THOUSANDS that follow the hype, waste time and money, and die the Internet death.

Those two paths await. Which route will YOU take?

Until next time, Lee Benson, the SUCCESSFUL British Marketer.
Author's bio:  Lee Benson dedicates his life to Internet marketing and the principles behind creating SUCCESSFUL online websites. Use his powerful formulas for success and learn why his PRACTICAL tips are producing THOUSANDS in profit. Read his exciting life story and success info.