Article: Debbie Solomon

The Small Business Library

May 9, 2000


It is safe to say that there are very effective ways to get your business noticed on the Internet. But, do you really want to waste your time testing various marketing arenas that just do not work?

So, let's get rid of all the blunders that will waste your valuable time and start marketing efficiently and effectively.

DONT's of Internet Marketing

  • Don't Bother with Banners
    For one, banners are not novel any longer and customers screen out what they are use to seeing. In ad terms it's called "selective perception". Our minds don't have time to interpret every item we see, so we only look for what's new, relevant and different. Banners have become so intrusive they are no longer noticed.
    In the strange paradox of advertising, that which tries to get noticed too much, get tuned out and overlooked.

  • Don't waste your time with FFA Links
    The only people who even SEE FFA Links are the ones placing them. Sure it is great to autosubmit to millions of them in just minutes, but what do you get back?
    Tons of Junk Mail! In other words... NOTHING!

  • Don't Use Search Engine Submission Services
    YES, it is important to be ranked in Search Engines, but the worthiness of the search engine submission services are questionable to say the least. And how do you know they are actually doing it? It takes time to get ranked in Search Engines as it is, so the guarantee is null and void.

  • Don't Fill Your WebSite with JUNK
    Sure neon lights catch the eye, but in all actuality, it is a REAL EYE SORE. All kinds of banners all over the page just takes away from the real reason why someone should be there in the first place. Selling a Product or Service? Than that is what should be on your page.

  • Don't Throw Away SPAM
    Funny to say, but people who send Spam are all potential customers. Don't report them or yell at them. Send them Your Offer with a LINK to your site. Always reply to each and every spam you get.... you may get some very loyal customers this way. Because they send offers, they are more willing to read them when they receive them.

DO's of Internet Marketing

  • DO have a WebSite
    Your Website is your LIFE-line. Without it, you will NOT succeed. It is your calling card. You need to have a business-like product worthy site that is easy to navigate and Rich in Content.

  • DO Rank in Search Engines
    It is very important to rank in Search Engines, but it is strongly advisable that you submit to the Top Engines Manually. Here are the most important Search Engines & Directories to rank in:

  • DO Use Keywords and Meta Tags
      Meta Tags
      Before you get started with anything, you need to create some meta tags and place the coding into your web site.

      Keyword Writing
      When you write your text for your homepage, try to place a variation of your keywords throughout the page. You want to place the keywords as many times as you can, but do it throughout the entire web page and make sure it sounds professional.

  • DO ADVERTISE in E-Zines and Newsletters
    It is a known fact that advertising in Ezines and Newsletters is the most effective way to get the word out. Your AD is sent to thousands of people who are actually interested in what you have to offer. Just make sure it is a Targeted Ezine you are advertising in. These ezines and newsletters are sent directly to the subscribers mailbox. There are only around 5 to 10 ADs per issue on a normal basis, so people have time to go through them to see what is available to them on the internet. Here you can find media info and ad rates of the highly awarded weekly free newsletter *GIM - Global Internet Marketing News*

  • DO Get yourself fully licensed and legal
    People do not realize the importance of being fully licensed. Don't think that because you have a website on the internet, that is all you need to be successful. Being licensed puts your business out there in the marketing world. Your business is put into a ledger and though you may get tons of sales calls trying to sell you stuff and give your business credit cards, many businesses look at that ledger to seek legitimate businesses to work with.

  • DO Accept Credit Cards OnLine
    This is about the 100th time I have brought this up. You cannot expect people to buy a product over the internet, without access to buy it right then and there. This is Mandatory for success. Don't fool yourself into thinking otherwise.
    Accept Credit Cards without a Merchant Account.

  • DO offer your visitors something to look forward to.
    What do I mean by this? A Freebie, an incentive, a reason to come back. They may not buy the first time around, give them the chance. Give them a reason to bookmark your site. Free giveaways? Free Contest drawings? Use your imagination and your creativity. It works if you work it.

A book can easily be written with the Do's and Don'ts of Internet Marketing, but these are the top factors that are involved when marketing your business on the internet. This gives you the basic format of what works and what doesn't and how you should spend your time running your business efficiently.

Please feel free to email me with questions or concerns relating to this article. Your input and suggestions are always welcome.

Written by Debbie Solomon - The creator of the World Renowned MarketingTrendz Workshop. Author of 2 Business Building E-Books and also the Owner of the Top Rated OnLine Exchange Ezine. Copyright josconNetworks Inc. ©2000   - All Rights Reserved.