Article: Stuart Maynard

The Small Business Library

May 6, 2000

How To Start An Online Business That You'll ENJOY

When starting a venture on the Internet, many people go looking for the perfect 'money making' opportunity.

Let me give you a little bit of advice. Starting an online business shouldn't just revolve around the income generating side of it, as this article will prove.

There are numerous ways to create income with your web site. You should consider making a living doing something you love or enjoy, then you won't mind the long hours and late nights you'll spend making the business successful. And believe me, those late nights can be very hectic if you're not working for enjoyment!

Idea # 1:
Your web site could be related to a favorite hobby like collecting rare coins. You could sell a booklet about collecting rare coins, and include tips and information you've learned over the years.

Idea # 2:
You might enjoy playing golf in your spare time. You could create a web site directory or search engine that includes links to thousands of web sites about golf. You could generate income by selling ad space on your web site to golf related businesses.

Idea # 3:
You may have a skill or an education in business management. You could charge other businesses to consult them on management issues via email from your web site. You could add on a second income stream by joining business related affiliate programs.

Idea # 4:
Your web site could be related to a favorite pastime like bird watching. You could create an e-zine about bird watching and sell subscriptions to it from your web site. Another option would be to give it away for free and sell advertising space in your e-zine.

Idea # 5:
You might enjoy cooking and creating new recipes. You could create a web site that lists cooking tips and recipes. Publish part of your recipes on a private web site and charge people money to get access to them.

The bottom line....
Don't just start a business with your web site to earn money alone. You'll have a better chance of earning a lot more money doing something you enjoy. You want to wake up in the morning being excited and enthusiastic about working on your business.

As I always say, "Motivation breeds success", and the only way you'll be completely motivated is if you choose to work in a business that you'll completely enjoy.

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