Article: John Nesbitt

The Small Business Library

December 7, 1999


  1. You can target your ads. No use in selling ice to Eskimos. You know who your customers are. Now just find an e-zine that reaches them and you can have your ad under their nose for pennies - sometimes for free!

  2. E-Zine ads are read. Everyone who gets an e-zine specifically subscribed to that e-zine. Subscribers actually read them. E-zine publishers are often experts in their field and are looked to for advice and information. Their e-zines offer subscribers real interesting content. Thus these e-zines are eagerly awaited and normally read completely.

    As an advertiser you are "positioned" with the publisher of the e-zine as an authority - or at least a recommended merchant. This gives you a head start in the minds of your customers.

  3. E-zine ads go out fast. Print magazines usually have a lead time of 3-4 months. E-zine ads can be done the same day. Any smart businessman knows that the faster he can turn over his promotion dollar the more sales he can generate.

  4. E-zine ads are cheap. Because there are no printing or paper costs involved, publishing an e-zine is very inexpensive. Publishers have no need to ask huge prices for ad space. You as the advertiser can reach more people with fewer dollars.

  5. E-zine ads offer "instant response". Including your URL in an ad lets a reader instantly access your web site. This is a benefit inherent in most online advertising but is especially strong in e-zine advertising.

  6. E-zine advertising is very easy to test. By using a coded URL (similar to an affiliate program) you can see exactly which ads are pulling for you and invest more money there. This kind of testing takes months in print marketing. With e-zine ads it can be done in days.

  7. You can put your promotion on "autopilot". E-zine ads are often effective issue after issue as subscriber bases rapidly grow. Usually, you can repeat your message each issue and keep getting results over an extended period.
NOTE: E-zine advertising will not work for you unless you actually do it. If you are not currently using e-zines, what are you waiting for?