Article: Maria Marsala

The Small Business Library

March 20, 2001

The Top 10 Article Banks on the Web

Are you a business owner and a gifted writer? If so, "writing" must be one of your marketing strategies. Use your gift and market your business too. It's a win-win situation.

One of my favorite web sites to learn about being an author is They have a forum for freelance writers, screenwriters, a writer's exchange and more. Just put "writers" in their search box and have fun.

So what is an article bank? It's a site where you can "deposit" your articles on the web. Don't look to take your articles to the bank right away by posting to these sites though! Only one site on my list pays in "cash" and at 2 cents per click you won't get rich quick. You do place copyright info and a bio on each article you submit. On some sites you can place your picture and/or logo.

Bottom line: you'll never know who will read your article, write to you, subscribe to your e-Zine, make a trip to your site, hire you or pay for your future articles, until you "get" your articles out there!

Visit an article bank if you don't like to write or don't have enough articles for your own newsletter. With permission and the authors' attributions, most article banks allow you to use articles from their sites.

Once you have written an article, how can you get others to notice it? Design a page on your web site (personal or business) where you link the articles you have deposited into an article bank on your page. Visit to see an example of my articles page. You'll receive the option of choosing what type of articles you'd like to read. Below are ten articles banks for you to discover.

  1. Themestream
    You'll receive 2c for each person who clicks on your article. They send out a daily newsletter. All types of articles.

  2. Themestream
    It's not just about top ten lists although that is a main category. You can publish quotes; coaching tips, and more. They send out daily newsletters. Subscribers subscribe to specific areas; such as daily top ten personal tips, daily top ten business tips, etc.

  3. Selfgrowth
    For all sorts of self-growth and recovery articles. Their weekly newsletter has over 67,000 subscribers and a few articles posted to their site are chosen to be in it!

  4. Marketing-seek
    This is a site of two well known Internet marketing figures. They publish 10 different e-zines with articles, and are just all around "marketers."

  5. Ideamarketers
    The concept is very similar to market-seek and they have an affiliate program where, for a fee, they will market your articles.

  6. Top7Business
    This site brings lots of traffic to my site from the articles I've posted with them. Turn your top ten into a top 7 and submit it here.

  7. Makingprofit
    Another site to place your articles that has lots of extras too.

  8. WritingTree
    Publish here and receive feedback on your articles. Includes a list of articles contests to enter.

  9. EzineArticles
    12 different categories of articles to choose from or submit.

  10. Writebusiness
    A commercial business site that includes a business articles submission area.

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