Article: Alwyn Botha

The Small Business Library

February 22, 2001

15 True and False Statements About Affiliate Programs

Although affiliate marketing has been around for a couple of years, there are still many myths about how to do it successfully. In reality, affiliate marketing is rather simple. There are some basic fundamentals that you need to employ in order to virtually guarantee online marketing success for you.

False: Promoting 25 unrelated affiliate programs from one website means you have multiple streams of income.
True: Promoting 25 unrelated affiliate programs, each from its own focused mini-website, means you have multiple streams of income.

False: The more content you have on a website that promotes an affiliate program, the better you chances of a sale. Content is king, so overload that affiliate promoting website with content.
True: Content is only used to convince website visitors to buy. Only have enough content to convince your website visitors your products / solutions are worth buying.

Testimonials can be used for content in this instance (to help make the sale).

False: Banner ads are the most effective way to promote an affiliate program.
True: Text links on your website or in your newsletter are the most effective way to promote an affiliate program. Even more effective if those links are part of your own personal recommendation of the product or service.

False: The more affiliates your program has, the better.
True: Less affiliates, but affiliates that actively promote your affiliate program, are better.

False: Higher, once-off commissions, are always better.
True: Affiliate programs with products that sell well are better.

Lower commissions but more sales might earn you a higher commission. Even better if your commission is earned every month - not only the first month.

False: Pay per click is the best type of affiliate program there is.
True: Pay per click is the worst if you have low traffic.

Someone else's best paying program may be your worst paying program. There is no ONE best affiliate program that EVERYONE on the Internet promotes.

Every person has a different list of top ten affiliate programs - based on their website, their newsletter, their target audience, their strengths, their beliefs.

False: Pay per sale is the best type of affiliate program there is.
True: Pay per sale is the worst choice for you if your website visitors do not know and trust you. Pay per click might be a better option in such a case.

False: Joining more affiliate programs is better.
True: Joining a few affiliate programs related to the topic of your website is better.

False: Two-tier programs always pays much better.
True: Two-tier programs only pays better if everyone in your downline works as hard as you do.

False: The most effective way to promote an affiliate program is like this:

   !!! Make $ 100,000 in 24 hours, NO WORK REQUIRED !!!
True: The most effective way to promote an affiliate program is like this:

Here is a method I used to make $ 1000 in 2 weeks, working only 4 per day:

Here is a list of 23 testimonials of others that had similar results. (Please feel free to phone / email these people before you join this program.)

False: Joining 100 affiliate programs is the shortest road to riches.
True: Having 100 affiliates joining your affiliate program is a better option.

False: Affiliate programs where everything runs on the merchant's website is best.
True: It is better to have links on your website to a merchant's website. This keeps you in control of where you want to send your website traffic to.

False: Merchants that force you to buy their product before you are allowed to resell it, are greedy.
True: If you are not impressed enough by a merchants' offering to buy it yourself, how are you able to praise and sell it? These merchants have a good point, and because of this restriction they have fewer affiliates selling their products.

False: All other affiliates promoting the same product as you are your enemies.
True: You can team up with other affiliates and work together as a large team. Everyone's turnover and profit should be much higher than you can get by working in isolation.

False: Having 1000 untrained affiliates that must teach themself is a cheap way you can sell your products through affiliates.
True: The better you invest in teaching your 100 well-chosen affiliates to effective promote your products, the better for everyone. 100 well-trained affiliates earn MUCH more than 1000 untrained ones. You earn much more too.

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