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January 25, 2001

Test Your Internet Marketing Knowledge

The following quiz is based on a presentation I gave as the guest e-commerce speaker at Business Connnections 2000 in Springfield, Illinois. The theme of my presentation was: "10 Keys to Succeeding In Your Own Internet Business and Avoiding Common Pitfalls."

Under each of the 10 points below, there are blank spaces. Test your knowledge of Internet marketing by seeing how many you can answer correctly by filling in the blanks. Feel free to print out the quiz if easier for you. Try it - you might find it revealing.

Answers are included near the end of this ezine issue. As long as the meaning of your answers are the basically the same, consider them correct. Don't worry about exact wording.

Which Type of Online Business Should You Consider?
  1. When looking for a business to start online, first consider your ( __________ ) and ( __________ ). You have a much better chance of success if you are ( __________ ) about your Internet business.

    What to Market Online?

  2. Before deciding on a product or service to sell, you should be reasonably certain that there is a ( __________ ) for it first.

  3. All else being equal, the best product or service is one that you ( __________ ).

  4. You will be less likely to succeed if you market just one or a few products or services. While you can start out small, it's better to ( __________ ) in order to develop ( __________ __________ __________ ).

  5. One proven strategy for Internet success is to market at least one of your own core products or services, and to diversify and expand your product line rapidly by promoting ( __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ ).

    Effective Advertising & Marketing Strategies

  6. The most successful Internet businesses properly apply proven ( __________ __________ __________ ) principles.

  7. The most successful marketers constantly ( __________ ) ,( __________ ) and ( __________ ) again. They ( __________ ) products, headlines, sales letters, ad copy, offers, guarantees, prices, ad media, etc. They let the ( __________ ) decide which approach is most profitable.

  8. The most accurate type of test is ( __________ __________ ) testing, because conditions are as near to identical as possible for each element of the test.

  9. It is not necessary to spend lots of money on advertising and marketing. You can generate a lot of business through ( __________ __________ ) and other forms of ( __________ __________ __________ ).

    Operating a Successful Internet Business

  10. In order to keep customers happy and thus lay a solid foundation for repeat business, you need to deliver ( __________ __________ __________ __________ ) and provide ( __________ __________ __________ ).

Thanks for participating in this quiz. Answers provided below.

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Answers to "Test Your Internet Marketing Knowledge" Quiz

  1. (strengths) (interests) (passionate)
  2. (market)
  3. (control)
  4. (diversify) (multiple income streams)
  5. (other peoples' products and services)
  6. (direct response marketing)
  7. (test) (test) (test) (test) (market)
  8. (split run)
  9. (free publicity) (low-cost promotion)
  10. (quality products and services) (good customer service)