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Free submission to thousands of engines doesn’t happen and even if it did it wouldn’t be worth it. There are really only few sources of quality traffic out there on the web. We make sure you are placed where there.

Search engines don't like automated submissions on the whole and have learnt to recognise and protect themselves. The more important search engines detect automated submission software and filter out anything from them. Some search engines may also penalise your site for having used this software.

If you do use one of these submission tools, be warned, use a junk e-mail account, as soon as you hit submit, you'll start to get spam. Your email address may well be released to direct email marketers. So check the site or service you are considering using has a decent privacy policy.

Start-up search engines need the data and these services help provide that, it never hurts to have your domain listed in the smaller databases, as long as it's submitted correctly.

If your looking for a company to fulfil your search engine optimization and submission needs please contact us.