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Search Engine Ranking Report. Prepare an initial Search Engine Ranking Report to better understand how you are currently positioned in the Search Engines. This knowledge is a strong foundation for any Search Engine Marketing campaign.

Competitor Analysis. Review and analyze the websites and Search Engine rankings of your competitors. If you want to rank higher than them, you need to understand the strategies they are employing.

Keyword Selection. Select appropriate keywords to optimize your site. With your knowledge of your customers and our knowledge of the Search Engines, we will create the best list of keywords and phrases.

Website Content Review. Perform a thorough website review and make recommendations regarding how your website can be made more Search Engine-friendly. The tools that Search Engines use to look at your site can be pretty picky, and we will make sure your site is presented in a way that they can best understand. We may also make suggestions regarding additional content you may wish to incorporate into your website.

Website Usability Report. Verify the usability of your site for your visitors. Once you get people there, you want to keep them there and help them find what they are looking for. We will make recommendations for ways to make your website more easily accessible.

Search Engine Optimization Source Components. Provide a complete set of Search Engine Optimization components for you to incorporate into your website. Provide additional keyword-rich content to add to your site.

Implementation Instructions. We provide detailed instructions for you or your website developer on how to implement our recommendations and components.

Free Submissions. Submit your optimized pages to the major free Search Engines and Directories.

Paid Submissions. Submissions to the major paid Search Engines and Directories. We will select the appropriate category for your site's inclusion in human-edited Directories, including keyword-rich descriptions.

Set-up Google text ad. Create and place your keyword-rich ad. Provide you with instructions on how to monitor and maintain your AdWords.

Set-up Overture PPC (pay per click). Choose keywords and set-up initial run. Provide you with instructions on how to monitor and maintain your PPC program.