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Getting to the top of search engines using pay per click (otherwise known as PPC, pay per visitor) is fast, guaranteed and less expensive for many clients than other forms of optimization.

Pay per click search engines are something of a new phenomenon for Internet marketers. To users, they work in exactly the same way as an ordinary search engine. Submitting a site, however, works in an entirely different way.

There are several advantages of this system for web-site promoters:

- You can pick the keywords that will find your site in the search engine
- Should you choose the wrong phrase and get no visitors, you would not owe anything, because no-one would have clicked through to reach your site. This can be helpful in finding the best key phrases for your site.
- Less popular queries often have very low bid price (L0.05) or no bids. This means you can be listed at the top of the page with very little expense.
- You don't have to worry about optimising your site or about your site content to reach the top.