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DP per Capita: $9,899 GDP (USD Billions): 19.6 Currency: 1 Tolar (SIT)=100 Stotins USD Conversion Rate: 1USD=208.32 SIT Population (Millions): 1.98 Population Growth Rate: (0.1)% Labor Force (Millions): 0.86 Unemployment: 7.1% Language: Slovenian, Serbio-Croatian Major Industries: ferrous metallurgy and rolling mill products, aluminum reduction and rolled products, lead and zinc smelting, electronics (including military electronics), trucks, electric power equipment, wood products, textiles, chemicals, machine tools Political System: Democracy Economic System: Free Market Literacy Rate: 99% President Milan Kucan, Prime Minister: Janez Drnovsek Capital: Ljubjana Facts: Candidate country for the first round of the EU admission


Today, Slovenia exhibits one of the highest per capita GDPs of the transition economies of the region, fairly moderate inflation, and a comfortable level of international reserves. Slovenia received an invitation in 1997 to begin accession negotiations with the EUa reflection of its sound economic footing. Slovenia must press on with privatization, enterprise restructuring, institution reform, and liberalization of financial markets, thereby creating conditions conducive to foreign investment and the maintenance of a stable tolar. Critical to the future success of the economy is the development of export sales in increasingly competitive international markets. SOURCE: CIA FACTBOOK


There are numerous reasons to invest in Slovenia - the highest GDP per capita in Central and Eastern Europe, the highest purchasing power in Central and Eastern Europe, the highest Credit Rating in Central and Eastern Europe, and seven consecutive years of economic growth. All of this without a relatively large degree of foreign direct investment. Slovenia's strategic location gives the country a unique business advantage. Nudged in between Western and Central/Eastern Europe with direct access to the sea, the country acts as a intermediary for much of Europe. Well on its way to meeting all requirements for EU membership, government is looking to expand foreign investment in the country making opportunities for foreigners abundant.