Channel Islands

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  • A.A. Jurgen Investment Holding (Jersey) Ltd. - Multinational group with administrative dpt. in Montecarlo. Leader in Corporate and Fiduciary Services, Companies, Trust and Holding formation in over 60 countries; Import-Export; Sales Marketing Strategies; Telecommunication where we offer customers in worldwide to use our satellit digital lines connection to save up to 60% on International calls.
  • ABN AMRO Bank Jersey - The network bank in Jersey.
  • Africa House Group - Offshore banking, financial and property management. Family company specialising in Isle of Man Offshore Client Services - offshore investment, banking, currency accounts, property management, share brokerage, financial management, investment banking, vessel registration, property management, fund management.
  • The Derbyshire (Isle of Man) LTD. - The Derbyshire Isle of Man offers offshore investment and banking oportunities and competitive rates for tax free savings accounts.
  • Dresdner Private Banking - Global Solutions in Private Banking - Private Banking in Guernsey and Jersey ( and Germany (international site):
  • Financeoffshore - Offshore international banking and all aspects of it specifically in Jerseychannel Islands, Guernsey channel islands , Gibraltar and other offshore centres.
  • First National Building Society - This building society also has an offshore (Guernsey) office.
  • Jurgen International Corporate Services - We supplied advanced tax management solutions in 60 country with null and reduced tax planning; E-commerce Solutions; Fiduciary Services; Opening of Bank Accounts; Place: JERSEY, GUERNSEY, ISLE OF MAN, MONACO, CARRIBEN ISLANDS. Opening of Toll-Free Numbers to connect to your company PABX and much more.
  • Lloyds Bank - Offshore banking - Lloyds Bank Plc is part of Lloyds TSB Group plc and has its principal place of business in England. From offices in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man the bank offers a full range of banking and investment services that take full advantage of the "Offshore" status.
  • Offshore Financial Centre - Jersey - Interface Management Limited - Offshore Financial Management and Tax consultants, Located in the Island of Jersey, Channel Islands.