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  • Bank of Latvia - Central Bank of Latvia.
  • Aizkraukles Banka - High quality banking services. Private banking. International experience. Individual approach.
  • Baltic Banking Group - Financial and investment services specializing in offshore investment. Information on tax planning, financial planning, tax havens, privacy, trusts, merchant banking, investor protection, and investment opportunity. Reports on the stock market. Free trading contest.
  • Datamonitor - Publisher of market intelligence and strategic reviews on German financial services.
  • Investment Bank of Latvia - General information about Investment Bank of Latvia, services provided by Investment Bank of Latvia
  • Hansabank
  • Latvian Savings Bank - Oldest commercial bank in Latvia, which is conspicious for providing high quality and easy to use services to the clients in all towns and regions of Latvia and aboard.
  • JSC Multibanka - The stock company Multibanka is Latvia's oldest commercial bank in terms of settling accounts in foreign currencies, although in terms of age it is one of the youngest banks in the country. The predecessor of the stock company Multibanka was the Latvian branch of the Vneshekonombank of the USSR. It was founded in 1988. In 1991 the entity was nationalized and became the Foreign Operations Division of the Bank of Latvia (the central bank). For a long time it served as the foreign currency clearing center for all of the Bank of Latvia's affiliates and branches, as well as for newly established commercial banks. Three years later the Foreign Operations Division was privatized, as the result of which the stock company Multibanka was founded in April 1994.
  • Parex Bank - The Biggest bank of Latvia.
  • Paritate Bank - Paritate Bank was founded in Latvia in 1992 to provide banking services to individuals and local business community and to promote commercial links with the outside world. In the intervening years, Paritate Bank has evolved through a combination of commitment to personalized service and a global view. Banking with Paritate is reliable and easy. Its success is measured by sustained growth in assets under administration and international market penetration. Paritate provides a full range of international banking and investment services which can be accessed at any time from anywhere in the world.
  • Rietumu Banka - This is a new Rietumu Banka web-site. One of the largest banks in Latvia. Securities, Latvian stock indices on-line weekly rewiew of worlds financial markets (CIS, Baltics, EU, USA) currency rates, values archives and more Languages - English, Latvian, Russian.
  • Rigas Komercbanka PLC - "Rigas Komercbanka" PLC is one of the largest and oldest Latvian banks. "Rigas Komercbanka" PLC as a universal bank offers a comprehensive range of up-to-date banking services.
  • Trasta Komercbanka - Trasta komercbanka was established as Riga-Bank, one of the first commercial banks to open in Latvia following a return to independence in 1989.
  • VEF Banka - Reputation of a stable bank. Client trust. A new business center was established with modern market information systems.
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