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  • HKMA - Honk Kong Monetary Authority - Central Bank of Hong Kong. Founded 1993 by merging two government agencies: the Office of the Exchange Fund, which manages the Currency Board of the Hong Kong dollar, and the Office of the Commissioner of Banking, which is responsible for banking supervision.
  • Bank of China Hong Kong branch of one of the largest Chinese banks.
  • Bank of East Asia - Serving the people of Hong Kong since its establishment in 1918, The Bank of East Asia is the territory's largest independent Chinese bank.
  • China Construction Bank Hong Kong - CCB is one of the largest commercial banks in China. Our growth in China was phenomenal over the past 5 years and we are now holding the 2nd largest market share of the RMB deposit market in China.
  • Hang Seng Bank - One of the largest commercial banks in Hong Kong. Founded in 1933. Member of the HSBC group (London).
  • Hongkong Bank Holdings - Home of one of the biggest banks in the world.
  • HSBC - Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd. - One of the largest commercial banks in Hong Kong. One of the three banks with the right to issue Hong Kong dollar notes (together with Bank of China and Standard Chartered Bank). Management bank of the clearing house of the Hong Kong Association of Banks. Member of the HSBC group (London).
  • International Bank of Asia - An innovative, all-services retail bank in Hong Kong.
  • Kwong On Bank - Characterized with its personalised banking services, Kwong On will sustain striving its on-going trust and commitment relationship with its customers.