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Pest Control Service Agreement

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Pest Control Service Agreement



Branch Office:_______________ Account Name:

Telephone:______________ Attention:

Contact:__________________________ Billing Address:

Title:____________________________ City:__________________

Pests to be Controlled:___________ Service Address:_______
__________________________________ Service Phone:_________
Office Phone:__________
Problem Areas:____________________
__________________________________ Initial Service Charge
(name of firm) agrees to Monthly Service Charge
provide pest control service in ______________________
accordance with the terms set forth Less % for Full
above, once each month, more often Advance Payment_______
if deemed necessary by (name of
firm) to effect control of the above Amount remitted_______
pests. The initial term of this
contract is for one year and shall 12 MONTH'S AGREEMENT
continue on a month-to-month basis THEREAFTER MONTHLY
thereafter, until terminated by
either party. Customer agrees to ______________________
accept service each month and to
make the premises available for Owner Lessee Agent
said service.





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