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Notice of Claim of Lien

Disclaimer: Be aware that some of these sample letters have legal, financial, or other implications. If you are not sure about the use of any letter, consult with an appropriate professional first.

Notice of Claim of Lien

After Recording, mail to:
(Name and address)


The undersigned claimant hereby claims a mechanic`s
lien under section_______of the Civil Code of the State of
_________ and hereby declares the following:

1. That a statement of claimant`s demand, after
deducting all just credits and offsets, in the sum of
$ .

2. That the name of the owner(s), or reputed owner(s)
of the property is (are):

3. A general statement of the kind of work done or
materials furnished by claimant, or both is:


4. That the name(s) of the person(s) by whom claimant
was employed or to whom claimant furnished the materials is

5. A description of the property sought to be charged
with the lien is: (enter full legal description here).

DATED: ________________
(Signature of Claimant)



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