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Promotional Letter, Finance Company

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Promotional Letter, Finance Company


If you are like many of our customers, you have held off
from borrowing funds over the past year when interest
rates had hit the ceiling realizing that everything that
goes up must come down.

You should rightfully feel quite proud of yourself for
not borrowing at rates that could have put you further
into debt.

Now that rates have come down to a reasonable level, you
may wish to consider the advantage of making but one
monthly payment per month in lieu of apportioning small
amounts to the various creditors who have been requesting

We would love to have the opportunity to either come to
your home or have you come and visit our office so that
we might discuss any current financial problems you may
be experiencing with you, and to offer our solution for
eliminating a lot of unnecessary worry on your part.

Please contact us today at (telephone) if you would like
to rid yourself of a pile of unpaid bills, finance a car
or boat, or just take your family on a long-promised
vacation. We will look forward to hearing from you.



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