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Promotional Letter, Moving Company

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Promotional Letter, Moving Company


Chambers Moving and Storage Company is pleased to have
been chosen to service your upcoming move. We will do
everything we can to make it a move with which you'll be
pleased--and we will be proud.

Here are the names and addresses of the people involved
in servicing your move at your current address, and at
your new address.


Chambers Moving and Storage Wentworth Transfer
1304 74th Circle N.E. 679 Windall Road
St. Petersburg, Florida Los Angeles, California
Phone: (813) 520-1776 (213) 467-0704

The origin agent will contact you to go over your
requirements and arrange services for your move.

If you have questions during your move, please call me
at Chambers Corporate Service Center in St. Petersburg.
I am here to be of service to our customers. I am
enclosing two cards with our toll free number for you
to keep with you during your move.

We wish you the very best happiness in your new home.



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