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Promotional Letter, Catalog Sales

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Promotional Letter, Catalog Sales


The Chambers Catalog came into existance in 1979 and in
four short years has become one of the most successful
catalogs on the market. For this, we are pleased, proud
and grateful.

We are pleased because our customers have confirmed our
belief that if the products we offer are new, exciting,
innovative and of excellent quality, they will be

We are proud because we know we are a company that keeps
its word to its customers, that guarantees that any
merchandise can be returned within 30 days if it proves
to be disappointing in any way, and that always lets our
customers know if there is to be a delay in delivery.

We are grateful to customers like you, because you confirm
our beliefs that fine service and quality results in
satisfied customers. Without you, there would be no
reason to be pleased or proud. We thank you for your
orders and for giving us the opportunity to be of service
to you.

Our special summer catalog is at the printers and should be
in your home soon. We hope that you will be pleased with
our new selections.



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