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Employee Suggestion for Company Meeting

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Employee Suggestion for Company Meeting



There is such a high degree of anxiety about the proposed
merger with (name of firm) that I can see the
effects in my department daily. I do not feel that the
newsletter put out last week helped asuage the fears of
the other employees.

I believe that it might be beneficial to meet the issue
head-on by holding a meeting wherein questions can be put
forth and answers can be provided.

There is a schism between employees and management that
appears to be growing and presents a potential problem.
If, for example, this merger fails to materialize, the
employees may maintain their current feelings of
alienation to the detriment of the organization.

I know that there are many inherent problems in hashing
this subject out in an open forum and these must be
weighed against the present alternative. I do feel,
however, that the suggestion is worth some consideration.



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