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Announcement of New Pricing Policy

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Announcement of New Pricing Policy


It has been our policy in the past to supply ice to our
customers when their ice machine has broken down. Because
we have many customers who are paying later and later, we
are forced to set down stronger company policies. Our new
policy will go into effect August 3, 1986, and is as follows:

1. If the customer is more than 15 days late in their monthly
payment and the machine is not working, we will not supply
ice. We will repair the machine, and the number of days in
which the machine has not been in service will be credited to
the customer's account. At the time of our service call we
will expect payment in full of any unpaid balance due us.

2. There will be a sur-charge on accounts falling more than
30 days behind.

While I am sorry that we must go to such extremes as those
outlined above, I am afraid that there is no alternative.
Our company policy is, and always has been, to provide the
best service available to our customers. We can only
continue to do this with our customer's cooperation.

If there are any questions regarding our new policy, please
give me a call.



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